At One Dgtal we provide experiences that delight your customers,and we provide them seamlessly across channels – on websites, on mobile and in virtual and augmented reality.

Cloud Consulting Services

Experienced Cloud and Infrastructure engineers at One Dgtal help enterprises to effectively collaborate configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics to scale up and speed up the growth of your business. We offer Cloud as a service that will help bridge the gaps in your ongoing software development, QA process, and other IT operations.

Your network architecture is the most crucial aspect of any infrastructure you build. It is especially critical when using Enterprise Cloud Services.

It is always good to identify mistakes earlier before your end-users see them, by imposing quality checks and reducing defects across the entire development journey.

Our efficient and well planned Cloud and SaaS strategy makes it possible by combining business goals, toolchains, software development process and operation teams together with automated and streamlined IT processes with expert Cloud consultation.

We excel in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure Cloud Platform. We also offer custom Cloud environment on our globally distributed and secure Cloud Platform for the most discerning of our customers.

Our Approach

  • Globally located agile teams ensure that your apps are delivered to you quicker.
  • Our teams have a single focus: ‘YOU’


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