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Genius One

Branding, UX UI, App & Web Development

UK’s fastest growing Education Center Management System.

GeniusOne is a state-of-the-art Student Management System for independent Tutors, Franchisee-based education Centres, After-school clubs and sports clubs. It is a leading brand with operations in 6 countries.

The Challenge

An outdated website with clunky navigation system and key pieces of information were either missing or not easily navigable. This resulted in poor search results on search engines, high bounce rate and low user conversions.

The Execution

We partnered with GeniusOne to transform their legacy corporate website into a modern, sleek and informative digital hub. Through a user-centered design approach, we restructured content, improved navigation, and introduced interactive elements, resulting in a 88% increase in page views and a 90% reduction in bounce rate.

We continue to improve their SEO with high-ranking results across multiple geographies, and adding new accessibility features.

At One Dgtal we understand that a strong and modern Digital Presence of our customers is a gateway to their continued success and differentiation in an over-crowded digital ocean. We help our customers’ brand to stand out with the right blend of consultancy and development services.

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